EVGA Hadron Air (UK)

產品型號: 110-MA-1001-K3

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Now you are able to build a mini ITX system with enthusiast performance! The EVGA Hadron mini ITX chassis was designed to not make any compromises. At a mere 305mm height and 169mm width, the EVGA Hadron chassis is extremely small, but capable of holding today's latest hardware.

With an included 500W Gold rated power supply, support for a full sized graphics card, sleek looks and enthusiast features, the EVGA Hadron mini ITX chassis packs a serious punch.

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    • Sleek look, extremely compact size!
    • At only 12in/305mm height, and 6.6in/169mm width, the EVGA Hadron is one of the smallest chassis available for the enthusiast!
    • Supports slim slot load optical drive
    • Integrated support for a slim slot load optical drive (not included). Slot is built into chassis.
    • Mini ITX Form Factor
    • Supports all Mini ITX form factor motherboards.
    • 2 x USB 3.0 Ports
    • Supporting up to 2 devices of the latest USB 3.0 Superspeed protocol.
    • Integrated 500W Gold Rated Power Supply w/ 40A on +12V Rail
    • Integrated 500W Gold Rated Power Supply w/ 40A on +12V Rail
    • HD Audio In/Out
    • Integrated HD Audio out/headphone and Audio In/mic.
    • Supports most full size enthusiast graphics cards! (Up to 267mm, double slot)
    • Top to bottom support for today’s latest graphics cards.
    • 2 x 120mm Exhaust Fans
    • Included large fans have the capability to move air, and operate silently!
    • 2 x 2.5/3.5in Drive Bays
    • Supports up to two hard drives. Whether you use them for a RAID 0, or storage, the choice is yours! Can support either full size 3.5in drives or smaller 2.5in.
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Award winning EVGA Support backed by a full 3 Year Warranty!

Awards of the EVGA Hadron Air (UK) (110-MA-1001-K3)



I love it. It is my precious. It’s everything that I love about Mini ITX – tons of power in a tiny platform – all the while looking like a finely polished, high quality piece of equipment.
The Mod Zoo


It is a very good case, and when you consider that it comes with a decent PSU, it’s pretty good value for money too.


EVGA's Hadron is a nice first Mini-ITX chassis release, it offers a massive amount of features for what is the smallest form factor. It is tiny and cute and if you do things right, it'll be grand in performance. Definitely recommended.


This chassis is part exclusivity, part ingenious, part stylish, and yet the whole time, the components are kept cool inside with little more than 33 dB of noise coming from it.


It is an awesome chassis with incredible potential for tiny but powerful gaming systems that can really kick some serious behind…


If you want the smallest case possible without compromising on performance hardware the EVGA Hadron Air is in a league of its own.
PC Perspective


EVGA has included a power supply with the Hadron Air; a 500 watt 80+ Gold rated 1U unit that makes the biggest leap in SFF designs to date: it's QUIET!!


Overall, the Hadron Air allows one to pack quite a punch in its small package while looking good doing it.


Well-built and styled to look good on any desk, the Hadron Air is, in our estimation, a glimpse at the next generation of gaming PC.

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